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Pine Bark/Mulch

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Pine Bark / Mulch

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We stock only the best quality mulch products, to give your garden a beautiful, professional finish. This, coupled with the inexhaustible list of benefits that mulch brings to your garden, it makes perfect sense to start mulching!

We supply
  • eucalyptus mulch
  • pine bark

Certified Mulch

Certified mulch is available for commercial use. Please contact us for a quote for order and delivery.


Weed Suppressant: Weeds are almost impossible to eradicate, but with a generous layer of mulch, growth will be suppressed.

Reduces Moisture Loss: In this environmentally conscious era, it is essential that we reduce our water usage. However, we do not want to compromise on our beautiful and often functional gardens. Mulch provides a barrier between the sun and the soil so in effect; there is less evaporation, which means less watering!

Temperature control:  From the sun baking the ground, to the frosty mountainous ranges, mulch provides more of an even temperature for the soil and all of its inhabitants (worms!)

Feeding the soil: As mulch breaks down over time, it feeds the soil by adding organic matter. This is the quintessential element for good, healthy plant growth!

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